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All-In-One Digital Signage Directory Solutions

Our all-inclusive one-time cost digital sign directories are custom built information-rich systems that are designed to fit your properties communication and wayfinding needs. Every system adds an extra level of convenience for your patrons while expanding your ability to manage the day to day property communications, upsell on-premise services and enhances the capacity for your property managers to promote current commercial vacancies.



Reliable and Efficient


With our professional digital directory systems, property managers can remotely update and manage all listings, tenant names, descriptions, images, and other media directly from their iPhone, Tablet, PC or laptop computer. All updates can be done on the fly using Google Drive or Outlook.


Once the system is installed it is self-operational.  Settings can be applied to the digital directories for pre-scheduled Power ON / OFF. Every time the system turns on the directory software automatically loads itself.


  • The average directory listing update take less than 5 minutes!
  • Display multiple forms of information - weather, traffic, news, videos, announcements, etc.
  • Communicate updates in real-time in case of a special events or emergency
  • Feature daily events, meeting, conferences and other reunions inside the building
  • Integrate your CRM or EMS software with directory for automated updates. We support:
    • SalesPro, DELPHI, Micros Opera, 22Live / CollegeNet, EMS, Active Directory, and more
  • No recurring software or maintenance fees
touchscreen digital signage directory



Touchscreen Directory


Enhance the value of the directory by adding practical interactive application buttons that will improve your patrons experience while expanding your ability to upsell services and promote available properties or offices for rent.

  • Built-In Smart Search Keyboard for quick and easy directory searching and interactions
  • Add a short description, images, and contact information of each listing.
  • Feature A Local Points of Interest Map with Local Business Listed button
  • Touchscreen Screen Saver with Built-In Welcome Messages
  • Real Time Public Transportation Listings
  • Promote On-site Amenities and Services
  • Interactive Media Gallery (images and videos)
  • Multi-Language Support. Built-in unlimited automatic language translator
  • ADA Compliant. Content auto-adjusts to meet ADA and Wheelchair Viewing Requirements


touchscreen digital directory




3D Wayfinding Directory


Take directory listings to the next level by adding turn by turn directions to every destination listed in the directory with multi-floor multi-building 3D maps.


  • Directions are automatically created using the systems built-in Smart Pathway algorithm
  • Fly Over: route animation that provides virtual walk through directions
  • Stacked Skeleton: multi-floor destination view that supports 360-degree viewing
  • Eagle View: high level, easy to see, the 3D view provides top-down route directions
  • All paths created consist of shortest route to destination and include estimated travel time
  • Add a Map It button to every listing to provide turn by turn directions


4 steps Design Small

Turnkey Digital Signage Directories

Whether it's one or multiple systems, we will tailor each solution to fit the exact objectives of each display or kiosk being deployed. Our team of design professionals will adjust the content; it’s layout and media assets of every solution to the exact needs of your organization and where the sign will be installed and viewed.

Every Solution Includes:


Google Drive Digital Signage
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