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All-In-One Digital Signage Hospitality Solutions

Your hotel brand is a composite of how your guests perceive you. Our all-inclusive visual communication solutions provide a level of guest centric sophistication that ensures guests recognize your hotel as being a premier service provider. Every one of our systems come loaded with valuable travel-related features enabling an instant delivery of reliable local area information, on-premise restaurants, services and amenities, property maps, searchable lists of ongoing events and more!


Scheduled Events, Meetings, and Convention Listings

We will integrate your EMS software with every digital display enabling automated and instant listing and updates of all ongoing and upcoming calendar based events and notifications. When your EMS software listings update so will the data you are displaying on the sign eliminating the need for your management or front desk to update the listing. Platforms we natively integrate with include:

  • DELPHI: conferences, events, and other scheduled listings
  • SalesPro: conferences, events,  and other scheduled listing
  • ISAC: conferences, events, and other scheduled listings
  • Hyatt Envision: conferences, events, and other scheduled listings
  • Marriot CI/TY: conferences, events, and other scheduled listings
  • Ungerboeck: conferences, events, and other scheduled listings
  • Active Directory: directory listings
  • Micros Opera: event schedules and POS sale listings
  • HTML: website feeds

If you don't use an EMS platform we will set-up a Google Drive account for your staff to use for managing all events streams, restaurant specials, messaging and other media zones. With these accounts you'll be able to remotely edit and update every display from any iPhone, iPad, laptop, tablet or mobile phone with internet connection.

Create the Ultimate Guest Experience

Local Area Attractions

Pinch & Zoom maps with directions displaying real-time listing of restaurants, museums, and other business. You can select all categories being listed on map and choose to add listing descriptions, address, images and phone number. 

Services, Amenities, and Accommodations

Spotlight on-premise restaurant specials while providing your guests with enriching information on your property services, amenities and accommodations.

News and Information

Choose to incorporate interesting scrolling ticker feeds on local Festivals and Events, Weather and News, Sports and more.

Restaurant Reviews and Reservations

Real-time reviews with the ability to make reservations: Italian, Mexican, Steakhouse, Seafood, Sushi, Indian, American, Chinese, and more!

Property Wayfinding

Improve the ability for your guests to find and receive directions to conference or meeting rooms, on-premise restaurants, or other locations within your facility. Using the Pinch and Zoom "You Are Here" 3D Maps and built-in smart search keyboard visitors can quickly search for events directory and receive turn by turn directions. All directory listings can feature a short description, images, and room number with a direct phone number.

  • World's only Smart Pathway algorithm that auto-generates directions based on shortest path and ease of accessibility
  • A wheelchair accessible button is available that auto-creates ADA compliant routes
  • Fly Over: route animation that provides virtual walk through directions
  • Stacked Skeleton: multi-floor destination view that supports 360-degree viewing
  • Eagle View: high level, easy to see, the 3D view provides top-down route directions
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Turnkey Solutions for Hotels

Whether it's one or multiple systems, we will tailor each solution to fit the exact objectives of each display or kiosk being deployed. Our team of design professionals will adjust the content; it’s layout and media assets of every solution to the exact needs of your organization and where the sign will be installed and viewed.

Every Solution Includes:


Google Drive Digital Signage


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