Wayfinding & Information Digital Signage

The VA Hospital in Palo Alto, CA uses the Waytouch Premier™ for its entire Campus Wayfinding and Information digital signage solution. To accomplish this they choose to feature on the home screen a touchscreen searchable 3D Map Directory with 360 Degree Panorama Destination Images. On the digital sign’s home screen interface, they choose to feature 5 home page touch point widget that features:

  1. 3D Wayfinding Map with Searchable Directory
  2. Events Schedule
  3. Local Transit Information
  4. Contact Us
  5. History


Interactive Concierge Digital Signage

The Hilton Garden Inn, located within 1 mile of the White House uses the TouchPlus™ to improve customer service, promote their on premise restaurant daily specials and increase guest experience. On the digital sign’s home screen interface they chose to feature 6 home page touch point widget that features:

  1. About Us
  2. Restaurant Menu
  3. Local Attractions
  4. Event Schedule
  5. Local Transit Information
  6. Real Time Flight Information


Event & Meeting Room Digital Signage

Embassy Suites hotel situated next to Newark Airport utilizes Adslide™ for event management and notifications. The solution is seamlessly integrated with their SalesPro system, enabling them to automatically provide latest meeting information. They choose to feature 4 widgets:

  1. Public Announcements
  2. Streaming News and Sports Feed
  3. Weather Widgets
  4. Live Event Listing
Meeting & Roomboard Signs embassy


Interactive Directory & Information Digital Signage

HARCSH Investment Properties uses the Waytouch Premier™ as an All-In-One touchscreen lobby assist. For the home screen, it uses a series of beautiful rotating image background with a live news feed streaming on the bottom. On the digital sign’s home screen interface, they chose to feature 6 home page touch point widget that features:

  1. About Us
  2. Digital Directory with Wayfinding
  3. Local Amenities
  4. Company News
  5. Interactive Media Gallery
  6. Local Transit Information


Digital Signage for Communications

Einstein Healthcare has been a well-known community establishment for over 100 years with about 1,200 physicians and over 85,000 employees. They choose to use AdSlide™ systems in eight facilities across the Northeast to improve employee communications. Einstein benefits from the easy control of AdSlides Easy Updates Content Manager. On the digital signs interface, they choose to feature 4 widgets:

  1. Media Gallery
  2. Live Events Listing
  3. Emergency Notifications
  4. Staff Communications
Einstein Healthcare


Interactive Product Discovery & Promotion Digital Signage

Toyota uses the TouchPlus™ to engage with their customers. They choose to feature a series of beautiful interactive media galleries that consists of current car models, specs and short videos. To up-sell their services, they added an Interactive Website Widget, that when clicked takes the user to the “Parts & Service” section of their website. Using Google Drive they can quickly and easily update content keeping the information up-to-date. On the digital sign’s interface they chose to feature 4 page touch point widget that features:

  1. Interactive Product Gallery
  2. Interactive Image Gallery
  3. Interactive Video Gallery
  4. Interactive Website Widget


Digital Menu Boards

The City National Civic in Downtown San Jose is a venue for concerts, shows, and convention events. As part of their 15 Million Historic Renovation, they selected to use AdSlide™ for their Menu Board solution. The system displays a complete food menu, drink specials and advertisements to over 20 locations and has been recently expanded to its sister theater, San Jose Center for the Performing Arts.

Menu Boards Civic Center