AdSlide™ is an all-inclusive well-designed dynamic digital signage solution that is easy to manage, practical, straightforward and efficient. It is a fully custom communications platform that comes with a variety of unique features, useful widgets and powerful 3rd party data feed integrations that will help you better reach and inform your audience with relevant information.

This fully scalable all-in-one solution will provide you with ultimate flexibility and control over every sign and its content. Quickly make on the fly updates to any media or messaging zone remotely from any PC, Tablet or iPad, and SmartPhone.

No sign has to be the same. Our professional design team will adjust the content; it’s layout and media assets of every AdSlide system you order to fit the exact needs of where the sign will be installed and viewed. Once your solution is complete, we will send you an out-of-the-box ready to use system.

This All-Inclusive Solution Includes:

- Required Hardware, Digital Signage Software and Media Player
- Custom Content Creation with Content Design Guarantee
- Unlimited Features
- Auto Sync Content Management
- Project Manager and Dedicated Support Specialist
- 24/7 Technical Answering Service
- Complete Set-Up Support, Training and FAQ Session
- Flat Rate Pricing

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