4 Tips for Driving Engagement With Digital Signage

When it comes to choosing between static signage and digital signage, which one captures attention better? No doubt it will always be a digital sign. Yet, having digital signage alone is not enough.

Because digital signage competes with several distractions, such as noise and stimulus, your content has to stand out. It is critical that businesses understand the importance of driving engagement,creating awareness and increasing sales via digital signage. More importantly, good media establishes a connection and motivates viewers to interact with the message. If a business fails to dodigital signage this with their digital signage, the results will likely suffer.

As proven by the study done by Gallup’s 2013 State of the American Workplace, engagement has a greater impact on employees' performance, productivity, and satisfaction than anything else. Thus, it is vital to focus and make digital engagement the primary goal every time information is created and published on the screen.


Give your viewers the opportunity to participate and get involved. Always include a Call to Action, which will make them engage with the content and take part.

What do you want your viewers to do: respond, repost or share the information? Tell them directly. Alternatively, you can also prompt them to learn more about your message. You can use teasers as well. Sometimes the audience looks forward to teaser messages rather than over-crowded announcements.

Here are some simple ideas to try:

• Like Us on Facebook
• Follow Us on Twitter
• Visit our website and grab a coupon
• Check our online store for items on sale
• Share your photos with us in Instagram
• Text to earn more rewards

When your message directs them to take individual actions, it becomes easier for them to make a decision.

2. Personalization

Digital Signage creates more attention and drives retention if the content connects with viewers in a personal or emotional way. Make sure that what an audience sees on the screen strikes a chord.

Do this by:

• Customizing your welcome message, promotions and experiences
• Using words, fonts, and colors which connect well with your target audience
• Using emotional triggers that viewers will remember

Also, including personalized messages based on your audience's experience increases engagement and has proven to be the biggest driver of sales. More importantly, showcase your human side by being yourself. Communicate heartfelt messages so that viewers can feel a real person and not a company.

3. Grab Attention

People are attracted to visuals and motion, as these tend to speak in volumes. Images connect and animations captivate.

By including specific images, animation and videos in your digital signage, your content will become more compelling. These are great ways to transform your screen into an eye-catching message that drives engagement effectively.

To grab attention and increase retention for longer spans of time, try these:
• Use real life photos or images of products, services, and people
• Include short clips of customer testimonials
• Enhance engagement with animation
• Include relevant information such as news headlines, traffic situations, weather changes, etc. to add utility and keep your signage interesting

Since most viewers only glance at your content, make it relevant and keep it clean and concise. Remember not to clutter it with useless details, rather, use these elements to highlight your key message. Don't be afraid of using empty space, sometimes less can be more when the important information is surrounded by blank space.

4. Uniqueness

Viewers tend to notice when you allow your creativity and distinctiveness to stand out. Consider ideas which are out of the ordinary or fun.

Ensure that content creation results in an experience that viewers will notice, engage with, and remember.

As you keep the digital board relevant, have fun as well! One of the main purposes of having an interactive digital board is to inform and entertain, so better keep things enjoyable for you and your viewers. Show your brand's unique voice, identity and personality. This will increase engagement factor.

Digital signage means more, so keep in mind that driving engagement is your primary goal!