Interactive Digital Signage for Donor Recognition

Donors are essential for most organizations, whether they support the arts, community programs, health funds, or educational sponsorships, etc. What better way to celebrate and recognize your donors than through interactive donor walls and boards!

Focus on the positive. Honor donors who have contributed to your non-profit organization's success and inspired others along the way. Engage with your viewers by highlighting your donors and encouraging generosity at the same time.

With digital donor boards and walls, those static lists of names or plaques will be transformed into an engaging and eye-catching display. Through digital donor boards, we avoid the unsightly, physical donor boards that viewers just don’t find time to look at.

The superior visual appeal of these screens easily grabs the attention of visitors and guests. Now, just imagine the reactions you'll receive from your donors when they feel a sense of recognition when their names and information are proudly displayed in full bright and color.

Interactive donor boards support a variety of information, and can be used for all of the following:

• Display personalized messages or thank-you notes in a thoughtful wayInteractive Donor Boards
• Add photos and captions in donors' profile
• Build awareness of current and future programs
• Showcase project success to drive inspiration
• Promote donor programs and information for those who want to participate
• Share your company store and present your mission and values
• Enable search functionality for extensive lists of donors
• Quickly make updates as your foundation grows

Built-in Versatility and Cost-Effectiveness

While some donors prefer to remain anonymous and avoid the limelight, digital donor boards can be customized based on limitless preferences. The built-in versatility of these boards better serves the individual interests of your contributors.

Digital donor boards can be created in any format or theme. Whether a small screen installed in your lobby or a large touchscreen wall, digital donor boards can be brought to life through interactive media playlists or with full-screen animations.

Another advantage that digital donor boards offer is that they are relatively less cost intensive than updating printed signs or creating expensive plaques or plates. Costs and resources are minimized because digital boards allow information to be updated and showcased in real time.

The recommendation is to use a database to feed your donor boards. This can simply be an Excel spreadsheet, Google document, an XML file or a customized web interface. This approach allows the easy updating of changes, and the inclusion of additional content, ensuring that when information is updated new donors are instantly recognized. Please check with your provider for customizable design templates and streamlined content management options to simplify further content updates.

Digital donor boards can draw attention and greatly enhance the image of your organization. As you proactively display those contributions and the effort that your donors have put forth, you inspire and encourage additional generosity.

Donor recognition is more than being grateful; it is also making donors feel recognized, valued and involved. Digital signage is imperative in today’s world to ensure that donors are recognized and future engagement is encouraged.