Complete Satisfaction
When creating the content for every solution we follow a 4 Phase Design process that requires your review and sign off.
This comprehensive process leaves you; our customer with complete control and a solution you're proud of.
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- We research your establishment to learn about your organization, products, & services.
- We then have an initial discovery call with you to identify clearly your objectives and needs.
- After the call, we draft a set of concept designs and send them to you for review and feedback.
- Upon receiving your response, a full-color mock-up is completed and sent to you for review.

- Based on your feedback of the full-color mock up we make changes to the layout and its media.
- When completed, we will have a short review call to review final full-color mock-up.
- On the call, we will focus on how we can fine-tune the design, to exactly meet your needs.

- Improvements talked about during our Review Call are made and sent to you for approval.
- If you request changes, we continue making adjustments until the exact Look & Feel is reached.

- The final design is submitted for your approval.
- Once the final sign off occurs, we will configure and test every component of the system.
- When you receive the system, a specialist will contact you for Step By Step Kick Off call.
- On the call, we guide you through non-technical setup and make certain all of your questions are answered.

During each phase of the design process, we review every detail with you.

The Right Combination of Eye-Catching Content

- Pique your visitor's attention with an attractive layout of media assets and features.
- Retain their attention with well written and accurate information
- Appeal to your demographic with the right fusion of quality content and eye-catching design.
- We are experts in creating the perfect balance of impressive engaging content!

Visually Compelling Images

  • Good images generate strong emotions, impulse purchases, and increase word of mouth advertising.
  • We are experts at merging images with user interfaces to create visually compelling pieces of art.
  • If you don't have images of your own, we can select from our huge stock library full of high resolution media
  • We have a toolbox full of graphic design secrets.

Impacful Colors

  • A lot is on the line when choosing the right colors to use.
  • Do the colors seem to perfectly blend together and accurately represent your brand?
  • Does the esthetic composition stand out; demanding attention?
  • We eliminate all the guesswork associated with color theory and application.

Eye-Catching Animations & Transitions

  • Motion draws attention.
  • We understand that too much movement is hard to see and can be overwhelming for the viewer.
  • Too little movement doesn’t create enough impact.
  • When we create animation for your project, we pay close attention to timing.
  • We adjust the speed of every moving media component to create a graceful, yet esthetic composition.
  • This deep analysis breathes life into your message while enhancing its effectiveness and sense of elegance.

Custom Production

  • Your organization's brand identity, logo, colors, and images will be uniquely designed in all media we create.


  • The right font style communicates attitude and is a reflection of your organization.
  • Implementing the correct font is as much a science as it is an art form.
  • All fonts we select are easy to read and render beautifully on the screen.

Right Time at the Right Place

  • We maximize the impact of content placement by first understanding the needs of your company and target audience.
  • We then work with you to identify the location of the digital sign and consider how to best harmonize the design with the environment.
  • Lastly, we can schedule content to play at specific times & days.
  • This process ensures maximum congruence between demographic, timing, and location; improving the effectiveness and solidarity of your messages.

What's Next?
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